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Seaborn AS was founded in 2001 by a number of family-owned enterprises with extensive experience and a long-standing tradition of fish farming dating back several generations. Our fish farmers are located in 46 locations along the coast of Western Norway and in the Lofoten islands. The company has become a major distributor of Norwegian salmon and Norwegian fjord trout. We offer a rational, integrated sales organisation that focuses on efficiency and economies of scale.

Our owners produce salmon and trout. They represent the whole value chain from broodstock and roe, via hatching, fry and smolt to marine growers of the highest quality. Satisfied customers are the key to Seaborn’s ability to compete in a tough market.


Seaborn shall be the fish farmers’ own sales company.

Mission statement

Seaborn shall be the bridge (link) between production in Norway and the global market for salmon and trout.


Seaborn’s fish farmers are families that have been in the industry for generations and have been pioneers. Our customers shall feel proximity to production and that they have partners in Norway they can rely on for personal follow-up.

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Code of Conduct

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