Welfare is essential

Health and welfare are connected. That is why the economy in the whole value chain, from roe to marine growers, is linked to fish welfare. The fish must live a good life. Clean water, the best feed, plenty of room in the cages and good hygiene at all stages ensure excellent fish health without the use of medication. Stringent regulations have also been developed to guarantee consumers’ right to good, healthy food. This results in a good network for quality control:

  • The authorities check that the regulations are complied with and that fish health is good.
  • The fish farmers’ internal control procedures ensure quality and revenues.
  • The harvesting facilities, packing plants and transport companies are responsible for preserving the best possible quality until the product reaches the market.
  • Seaborn monitors all stages of the process. We are responsible for keeping our customers satisfied.
  • Finally, it is the customers who decide whether the fish is how they want it. That is the decisive test.

A system for traceability and quality certificates means that everyone can check every link in the value chain.